Getting pregnant is easy!


As a young lady I never thought pregnancy was an issue. It was always taboo, as my sex ed class was mostly 2 weeks of awkward silence, and nothing being taught. I always figured, whether I read it in books/magazines or saw it on TV somewhere that getting pregnant is so easy.

You hear stories of girls losing their virginities and get pregnant from their first time, a bona fide horror story for a prepubescent teen. Even when I was a virgin and had never even touched myself inappropriately, when I had missed a period I was thoroughly convinced that I had become the next Mary, and I was carrying baby Jesus. I was not ready to become a martyr. But that just proved to be some evening out of my first few periods. Sex was scary. And getting pregnant was easy.

Fast forward to being an adult, and having lost your virginity. Even when you think you were safe, from your first time on, you always worried about getting pregnant, if that was not the goal. You could be 6 condoms thick with him and you'd still worry about being pregnant after you'd finished the deed. My mom always told me how she had not even known she was pregnant with me as a teenager. Getting pregnant was easy.

When you have found the perfect man that you've finally decided to spend your life with and start a family, you're on a mission. Cool, you know your body well enough, you've had it for years! First month trying, you finally feel pregnant and you're already thinking perfect baby names. Quite queasy, and breasts are sore? You can't wait to tell the family! Getting pregnant was easy!

But then aunt flow comes and you're disappointed, and confused. Getting pregnant was easy? Maybe it was a fluke. And you try, and try and try for months. You've scanned and perused every method of getting pregnant, how to adjust your body after sex, what vitamins to take, sacrificed a small goat to the fertility gods, and bought ovulation kits. It didn't make sense, getting pregnant was easy.

You won't get pregnant and die, younger me. You'll try really hard when you're ready to have a baby, so you don't have anything to sweat. You will try every regime, and every ovulation test, and every vitamin for months straight. You'll even put your legs up against the wall so "the sperm stays in". You've tried it all, and then some. Just keep in mind, younger self, getting pregnant is not always as easy as you though, growing up. It will be hard, but you are dedicated. Your determination will not waiver, you've tried so much you're a pro at sex alone. But keep in mind that when it finally happens, you'll be so happy. You're a natural born mother, and you know it. Your baby will be loved when it comes time for you to get pregnant, and it will be the luckiest baby in the world. Once it happens, motherhood is scary! But being a mom is easy.