Any ideas? Suggestions ladies?

I've been on depo for about 3 years. My mom threw me on it when I was 17. I didn't like it because it made me gain weight and I started getting acne. As I got older my mom let me make my own decisions so I stopped taking it. My periods were never the same. I tried the Nuva ring not to long ago and all the side effects, "symptoms" is what I'd like to call it, where just taking place with me .. Down to the extra discharge. I didn't like that either so I just stopped using it. I'm convinced birth control is just not for me. I don't want to keep hopping on and off from and to different types of birth controls so I'm trying to give my body a rest. I know that's not good, and lately I've been having baby fever. I know I would like a kid eventually.. I don't know when but I don't think me trying and "experimenting" with different birth controls is gonna help anyway 😂 .. But what is "the best" birth control our right now? It seems like nothing is working well with me.