Endo questions???

I've had a laproscopy in June 2013 and was diagnosed with endo. At that time I had endo removed (not sure what stage) and was told it was inactive and shouldn't come back. I have had issues with the dr and don't trust many things he said. 
​Anyway, the surgery did nothing for the pain, and in some places made the pain far worse. I saw a naturopath who put me on an endo diet / estrogen clearance diet which worked within a few weeks. I'd been pretty much 100% pain free for 5-6 months. But last month I had horrible period pain and this month I'm in bad pain leading up to O, which is due in a few days. Previously the pain started just during / leading to AF, then at O and AF, and then for 28 or more days per month. So I'm feeling endo has returned.  
​If you've had endo removed, how long did it take to come back??  Any advice you've got on this would be awesome!!