Am I being too sensitive?

My mother never approved of my husband because he is Black and I'm not,she always say racist things towards him and I learnt to just let it go and not pay her any attention! 
I got pregnant and we are over the moon with happiness,she balntly told me that she might not like my baby if he was "so dark" ?
She told me before that she thinks I'm messed up in the head,cause no body in their right mind marry a black person and have children with them!
I always ignored her and even my husband laughs when I tell him how racist she is and what kind of remarks she keeps making?.
She is very mean and never asks me how the baby is doing or anything,that's her first grand baby! 
Me and my husband moved to a new apartment and it costed us a lot of money to move and buy all new furniture and we are so proud of our little house,I sent a pic to her of our living room and she replied yeah nice but our house is nicer! I started crying it was like a stab to my heart,it seems like nothing we do is ever enough for her,always she is negative and unsupportive.i just logged out of Skype and didn't talk to her after then,it's been few days.
How I can handle her? She seriously hurt me this time ?