Sex problems

So fiancé and i had a dry spell for sex for a couple weeks, we are TTC so last time was around ovulation, so 1-2weeks and when i had lady time of month, anyhow I'm CD9 now, we had sex finally yesterday but he cane before i could, not satisfied i went back later for more, and unfortunately it was late and he needed sleep for work, today we had sex again, i started on top and i liked ot but then he rolled me over, i figured it was because me on top was feeling to intensly good for him but then he just, i dunno he was barely doing anything! Like the tiniest bit of movement, i had to move my own darn pelvis just to get ANY stimulation, i slowly got to point of climax, it kida started but then he idiotically changed his whole pace to let himself come and it just threw me off, it just fizzled out. I've been seriously putting off doing myself because i just want HIM to get me off, but I'm actually getting so tense and i stress a lot i need the release, I'm getting so irritable and snappy, i actually told him he needs to fix himself! I know logically there is nothing he can do, he normally doesn't have problems just this lil dry spell has him not holding back well, but it's not fair! What can i do? I actually feel really upset like cry-worthy upset, i don't want to have to do myself, and I'm mad that i can't even have sex how i like or want because he's lacking control atm it's so ugh. Guess this is more a ramble (before jumping to conclusions on anything we have been together 6years with a 3year old son)


Thanks ladies. I have toy's, can do myself, but as i said i want him to get me off, that's why I'm pissy, i waited weeks for him to be keen ( I've literally been a nag even when i was on my lady time of month i wanted it lol)

We've been TTC 2 year's, and TTC 6 month's with our first son, sex did become about conception with him, so been there done that, lesson learned, we won't let that happen again, i don't usually ovulate till CD17-19 so am a fair way off anyways, he knows this very well (he actually told me what cycle day i wasthe other day because he is keeping track lol), so there's no pressure for conception, I'm literally just dieing because it's been 3weeks ish since i last had an orgasm 😯 and as a SAHM and many other things to deal with i get stressed and tense also, and sex is my favourite way to release, but we've barely been lasting 10 minutes these last 2 time's so i don't get to enjoy it much less the release from climax :( guess I'll have to do myself then :(