Tomorrow is the day

Ashley • Im 27 and recently was diagnosed with cervical camcer which ended in me having a yotal hysterectomy. I used glow befor finding out now im here trying to give help and hear success stories
To morrw I have my hysterectomy. I'm scared nervous and depressed me and my husband wanted another child so bad but due to my lost battle with cervical cancer I have to have the hysterectomy... Th treatments haven't worked only for short time and when it came back its worse..we r thanking the good lord above he blessed us with 3 beautiful children....I have started thinking about adoption though I do not want to adopt a baby I know weird right? I feel adopting older child is the way to go. I see so many older kids bounced around n foster care. I know it will be a hard road ahead but that's what my heart is set on...babies go so fast but older kids and teens are bounced around for years.. I'm not leaving the glow community I love hearing everyone success stories...also ladies I wanna say get ur pap smear every year I think my doctor said every 1 in 20 women will have other cervical or ovarian cancer...if something isn't right down there go get it checked IDC how dumb it may sound..I'm 27 and if I would've caught this way earlier than what I did I wouldn't be having surgery tomorrow...I was hard headed and oh it won't happen to me but it did.. Good luck to each and everyone of you I send tons and tons of baby dust ? to all TTC and I hope for healthy babies and easy pregnancies to those who have got their Lil blessings from god... Ladies its time we start taking care of ourselfs..