first kiss

ladies write the story of the time you had your first kiss . 💋
mine was the summer after 7th grade I was currently dating this guy I thought I liked him but tbh idk what I was thinking , we went to the movies one day I remember exactly what movie we were watching lol , iron man 2 , I was about to be in 8th grade what else can you expect lol" anyways the bad thing was his father would go everywhere with him , so his dad was there but his dad got up all of a sudden and left this was probably the first time I was ever alone with a boy , he looked at me and just leaned in and kissed me , I was not expecting it at all , and tbh I regret it , it was the worst kiss ever 😷 I wish I would've waited till I knew it was right . but hey life lessons right ? 
NOW ITS YOUR TURN LADIES. 😘 what happened when you had your first kiss ?