Need some advice people ! šŸ˜§

I'll start off by saying my inlaws are true Christians and my pregnancy was unplanned esp. Because we aren't married.. I on the other hand am not religious and grew up way differently.

Recently the economy is crap and both of us lost our jobs (I'm lucky to be on maternity leave for the next year) my fiance is on unemployment right now but today had an interview in his hometown. Which is great but.. his parents are more concerned about us moving here to push church down my throat and his as well (he stopped going to church when he moved out years ago) and keep talking about how we should raise the baby and "it takes a village to raise a baby". They expect us to move In with them whether he gets the job or not and sleep on different floors and rooms in their house. I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant and moving 5 hours from where we live now to abide to his parents rules makes me stress out.. just wondering if I'm being rediculous or if you think I'd actually benefit from any of this? Who wants to find a new doctor and move at this point.... not me šŸ˜•