Teens pregnant or ttc

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Sorry this is going to be long but to go along with what someone else's post yesterday about people bashing pregnant teens. People are quick to judge I've heard a lot since I got pregnant at 15  but I wanted to say something. Teens get hate for being pregnant or having kids because they wouldn't be able to handle it in such but 
My sister is 34 she has 2 kids. Her boyfriend is abusive towards her and her kids and she has had people offer to help her and she says no even when her own child cried and begged her to leave. She doesn't have a job and lives off government assistance and her boyfriend doesn't like to work more than 1 day a week they don't even have the money for one child neither of their kids have even had a toy or piece of clothing new unless I buy it and not saying buying second hand is bad it's just they should get something new once in a while even if it's only $5. They buy cigarettes and cigars before buying anything for their kids. My sister gets wic and the formula only lasts half a month so she either makes my nephew go 6-8hours between feedings or she asks me to buy him more formula. They never hold the baby they just leave him in his crib until my niece gets home from school to hold him, he rarely gets a diaper change. My niece is covered in cigarette burns and bruises so her brother won't have to be.  
Meanwhile I have a job, I'm married to a guy I've been with for 4 years now, he has a job, he's almost done college and I'll be starting college right after our baby is born, I'm 18 weeks and already bought everything my baby will need including diapers and clothes up until age 3, and we still have $20,000 saved in the bank yes I was trying to get pregnant at 14 but I'm ready for a baby. 
According to society and everyone that just knows our ages most people would say my sister is more qualified to be a mother. I seem to think otherwise  and a lot of other people do too once they know the story. Really not all teen parents or teens ttc are bad some do just think cute baby and don't think about anything else but that's not always the case. Make sure you know someone's story before you judge 
Sorry this is long guys I just had to put it out there.