Natural birth upset my family!?

My mom and grandma are both mad that I won't "take their advice" on epidural or episiotomy. I have a midwife and want to try a natural birth. If I have an epidural I won't be able to birth in the position I feel would be most comfortable for me and my midwife says that episiotomies aren't that common anymore and are case by case because of how much unnecessary extra damage and infection they can cause. My mom and grandma both refuse to be in the room because "I'll be screaming and tearing" and that I won't be able to do it naturally because this is my first child and i am not "stretched enough" for it nor can i handle the labor pains. They believe I should be on pit to speed it up, and have an epis and epid. I get trying natural is rough but isn't that my choice to make!? So frustrating dealing with the birth hate.