okay or not okay?

one of my good guy friends wants to hang out, like take me to the movies since we haven't seen each other in a while to catch up. years ago we used to fool around, way before my boyfriend was in the picture. but i still feel like he's just a friend to me. there are no feelings involed with this guy at all. anyway, I would still feel guilty even if I said yes because my boyfriend is super jealous and so not okay with me hanging out with other guys. let alone even talking to or texting one! of course, i told him that it's unfair and completely unreasonable. and of course he won't listen because he's very stubborn. so i make sure i bring my best friend so that it seems less "sketchy" to him if he ever asks. should it be okay if I go hang out with him on a strictly friend level even though I have a boyfriend? 

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