My husband and I have been TTC since Jan 2013

My husband and I have been TTC since Jan 2013. We went about 10 months with no success, even though both of us are very healthy in general and had been getting advice from friends and family. We went to see a fertility specialist to make sure nothing was wrong with either of our reproductive systems and ensure that we were doing everything we could to  promote conception. We both had several rounds of lab work  one point, I was told that I had a thyroid issue, only to have later lab work disprove that conclusion. No issues were found with either myself or my husband, which was almost MORE frustrating that being told something was wrong because we just had to sit back and keep trying. It is now 14 months later and AF was nearly a week overdue, so I took a pregnancy test. Lo and behold, it was positive! I was shocked because other than an absent period, I had no other signs/symptoms. Given the length of time this has taken, I am still in a little bit of denial that I am actually pregnant, but will be taking another test and scheduling a doctor's appointment soon to confirm!