Ok so I've mentioned how great my hubby is and he truly is my bestie but like all besties he has his flaws. First being his snoring which we still haven't figured out a way to solve that agreeably and second there is his lack if interest in helping about the house. His excuse is that he has been working all day and is tired....so what the hell have I been doing all day???? We have a three year old with a lot of energy and much of it is focused on mommie. From sun up to sun down and well past the hours after I'm on duty. I educate her and try to keep her entertained throughout the day while cleaning and doing daily chores. I do the laundry take out the trash wash all the dishes cook the dinners make snack clean the rooms vacuum take our daughter on daily walks and try to look half way decent all before he gets home from work. Ideally I'd like to sit down eat my food and take a damn break from being mommie without someone tugging on my for attention. He wants sex at the end if the day and in like I'm still on duty!!!! I'm hormonal as hell bc I don't know if I'm pregnant or just missing a period. My last test was negative so I'm thinking the later but I'm not testing again for another few days. I'm afraid if I tell him I'm late he will only flip out in worry and be evenire useless than he already is. I can't help but be irritable I feel like I'm on pms forever. Calvin take me away!!!!!