In getting wrinkle??? OMG?????

See the EVIL LINE BETWEEN my eyes??? OMG  and that lines around my mouth?? Omg even my forehead this is bad realllllll bad like Michael Jackson bad ???? 
I used to be soooo oily I would have to used up 5-6 sheet of blooting oil sheet to absorb all that like a walking oil manufacturer company AND NOW I'm dry like REALLLL DRY y? Idk but ever since I was diagnose with anxiety and panic attack my body changes and guess what when I'm normal and have no attack that month my skin is fine even when I don't do anything and when my attack are around my skin just dry up and flaking up like a dessert and I bought everything to essential oil to olive oil to expensive christian Dior   Skin care collection and nothing works!!! And my nightmare has finally come true!!!!  21 and WRINKLES!!! What the heck!!! Can you ladies help you out?