does your SO(significant other)...?(THIS IS LONG IM SO SORRY I GOT CARRIED AWAY.)

when my bf and i are together he kisses me everywhere. I absolutely love it. its the most innocent thing amd its so sweet. 
example 1: whenever were standing somewhere he is always behind me with his arm around me, sometimes his hand goes to my butt or grabs my boob,(very lightly just enough for me to giggle and make me blush due to that were in public.) but he will kiss my neck, shoulder, & my face basically whereever he can reach easily, he kisses. 
example 2:if we are cuddling, or making out, the kisses are more intimate(of course) but he will kiss everywhere! my stomach, my shoulders, my neck, my chest, my forehead, cheek, but my favorite thing is when he is kissing my boob and then trails up my neck and then from the side of my cheek to my lips and then circles back down.????? what are some thing your significant other does that you love? does yours do this too?