Birth control

Tinley • 19 | Momma🐻
So, I'm 16 and yes I've had sex. But, I've ALWAYS used a condom and I'm not on birth control. I'm in a long distance relationship with my best friend and we've only seen each other once. 
ANYWAYS, practically every one of my friends are on birth control (everyone for different reasons) and I always feel uncomfortable saying that I've had sex but that I'm not on birth control. All of my periods are regular, my acne is really controlled, and I'm scared getting on birth control might make me gain weight (I've heard some can, but that exercise can help drop the weight, but I'm relatively small & don't gain weight naturally very well so I'm kinda on edge about this). Can anyone give me any type of advise or anything on if I really need to be on BC if I'm not having sex regularly and don't have any medical reason to be on it?