5 weeks 6 days no heartbeat

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I noticed some pink runny discharge last night around 7pm, I called around and the maternity nurse advised me to go into ER. After 6 hours wait and blood work done, I was told to come back in the morning when the ultrasound techs are in.
​Had the ultrasound today and was told they can see a well developed gestational sac, yolk sac, a small embryo and with no evidence of a normal heart beat present. Based on the size of the gestational sac, it looks like I am 5 weeks and 6 days. Doctor said we should be able to see a heartbeat by now and that she's concerned I am having a miscarriage.
​I was told to do another blood work to determine if my hcG level has increased from last night, that would have been the deciding factor of which I am having a miscarriage. It was 7297 last night.
​Doing the blood work and waiting the hour for the result was probably the most longest and most painfulest time of my life. Blood results came back at 8219. Doctor booked in me for another ultrasound next Tuesday. I am praying there's gonna be a little beat. 
​I'm in complete tears and it's currently really hard to think positive. My childhood growing up wasn't the most pleasant, with no father and an verbally abusive and unfit mother who disowned me 5 years ago, all I want to do is start a family with my DH