Could I have Chlamydia?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating since New Years and have been pretty sexually active.  He recently got tested for STD's and came back negative and I got tested as well and was completely clean. 
When we have sex we do not use a condom- and it is only vaginal sex when we do, no anal or oral.
So is it still possible for me to get Chlamydia?
 Because I have been experiencing a  symptoms that make me consider it as a possibility. 
Please respond I'm 17 and not quite sure if it's a possibility or if I'm just being paranoid and could have a yeast infection or UTI.
-had yeast infection symptoms (went away after meds, itching in vagina)
-had UTI symptoms (weird smelling urine, slight burning when peeing, uncomfortable) 
-an hour after sex I was bleeding a lot
-itching in vagina area