Ultrasound Update

Marissa • 26. Mommy to 2 toddlers ages 1 & 2. Expecting #3 in December 2015 :)
Last week I went in for my 8 wk scan and all we could really see was the yolk sac which was measuring a couple weeks behind. We went in for a more in depth scan this morning and they could see some growth in the baby and the fetal pole, but no heart beat yet. So I go in again next week to monitor the growth of the baby and try to find the heart beat. My OB says that the growth looks hopeful, but if we don't find a heart beat next week, then things aren't progressing right and we'll be looking at a miscarriage. 
I'm feeling better now that she's noted some growth, but I'm staying guarded just in case. My last 2 pregnancies were not stressful like this. Ugh.