1st month TTC #1! BFP!!!

Hi everyone, 
I just figured I'd share my BFP story in case anyone is like me and can relate.  I came off my birth control the 2nd last week of August 2014, started TTC immediately, I had a three day "period" which was actually just brown/pale red blood that was more like spotting on October 7-9 2014. Then I BD the whole fertile week with the 18th being my most fertile day. Experinece for man symptoms (random flu, constant headaches, I could eat more, veins on breasts, slight nipple change) and then they stopped, and I thought I was out when I tested on the 30th, two days before my AF due date, at 13 dpo, this morning I felt queezy upon waking up and I had another test, so I figured I'd use it. I'm 3 days late for my AF 16 dpo.. And BFP!