Worst wife/mom ever rant

So for starters I have pretty long hours at work usually 10-11 hour days, this morning before leaving I pulled out some meat for dinner so it could thaw I got off late (of course) so my DH had to pick up our dd yet again. I get home the house is still as messy as Id left it, I go in the kitchen to start making dinner only to remember oh Ya you have had no time to go to the grocery store so all the veggies you have have gone bad ok looks like we will do just rice and chicken cook everything up dh takes a bite of the chicken and says he's pretty sure it's gone bad but don't worry babe just eating rice we'll be fine I literally just fed my family rice for dinner ? on top of that the laundry is like 5 loads behind I have no time to walk the dogs and I'm really just feeling like the worst wife/mother in the entire world