Broken-hearted 💔

I just wanted to say that the kindness and support I've seen the ladies on this group give each other, fills my heart❤️
I went through my mc under a week ago. I was supposed to be 9 weeks but was measuring three weeks smaller, I started to bleed and then bad cramping started. The doctor called us back a few days later for a scan and told us my body had passed everything already. I didn't know my brain was capable of the emotions I'm feeling at the moment 😢 such a strong feeling of loss and helplessness. My partner is amazing and has been doing his best to care for me, but I feel so bad on him that he has to look after me while he's hurting too. It's so painful to see friends' pregnancy and birth announcements on Facebook while I never got that far. I cry everyday and just wish I was pregnant again, but I feel like if I do get pregnant again I won't enjoy it and will be worrying this will happen again. Such a horrible thing for a woman/couple to go through and my thoughts are with everybody on here that has experienced this sad time ❤️