Bitter TTC'ers

First off, I know that trying for a baby can be hard, especially when you are doing "everything right" 
But don't get on ppl post with the negativity because u can't get pregnant or had a mc.. I'm sure u would be ecstatic when you day comes n want to share. 
Idgaf if some1 post a test that say POSITIVE (10 weeks) and they ask if it's true or not.. Some ppl are just excited, want ppl to tlk to, Or need validation. Don't get your sad bitter asses on here trying to shoot some1 down because aunt flow showed up at your front door... If you can't be happy for some1 else's success stories then keep yo ass off the app, Thts majority of what ur going to see. Keep trying and ask what did they do differently instead of sayin "really" ur inconsiderate etc.. 
 Being a dick to someone isn't going to make urself get pregnant faster....FYI💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
Be happy or be quiet