UPDATED ::: Advice From Mothers

I just 19 & I'm in a serious relationship. I still live at home with my family. My parents are very strict & don't seem to understand my boyfriend's need for me to meet his whole family. He's very family orientated, as am I. 
I need advice on how to go to my parents & tell them that I'm an adult & that I need to make adult decisions about my relationships with everyone in my life more specifically my boyfriend & I. I'm not good with words & I'd rather text than talk in person. I just don't know what's the right way to say it. 
UPDATE: I have to go to his grandparents who live an hour & a half away from my house & my boyfriends dads house bc my boyfriend lives with them for work . I would have to spend the weekend over there . Friday through Sunday . & ive asked before & My parents said they would disown me & call me a whore & say that it's very improper for me to go over there for the whole weekend. My dad has disrespected his family saying that there's something wrong with them for inviting me to spend the night for the whole weekend. 
UPDATE:: I'm unemployed bc the economy where I live sucks. I apply, I call, I don't get an interview. I have a year of customer service experience . Also, I have depression, PTSD & bad anxiety issue. I mentally struggle everyday . Don't tell me to get a job, don't tell me to be more of an adult. You don't live in my house & see the pettiness & the immaturity that I do. I'm more of an adult than anyone in my house . I'm emotionally drained bc I'm literally only here to cook & clean up after everyone. I don't get shit handed to me like my brothers who are older than me. I'm just trying to be happy . So sorry for needing a break every once & a while to try to relax & to be happy. 
DISCLAIMER: I'm aware that I need to get a job, I'm working on it. I don't need your constant reminders cause all it does is stress me out more. Don't say anything about me getting a job unless you have a job to offer me. Please & thank you.