Could this be the month?!

Kat • Pregnant with baby #3
So hubby and I have been ttc baby #2 for a few months.. With running a business it's stressful and being a stay at home mom with a 2 year old makes things harder.. I have taken ovulation tests during those months and tried to conceive.. No luck. I decided to give things a break for a few months.. Plus I would like a spring or summer baby! This is the first month I haven't tracked my ovulation. Last period was march 1st. My periods have been irregular and I'm wondering if things are back on track? I'm not supposed to be fertile until next week according to glow. But my boobs are so sore like I ovulated already! No other symptoms yet but if I did ovulate we definitely had sex a lot before and maybe during ovulation! I guess I might be in my two week wait window!