STORY IS TMI & My boobs are definitely sore now

So I am 10 days late for AF and here is my story. I went to work last Tuesday when I was 3 days late and caught the stomach bug it seemed like or ate something wrong because I had diarrhea and frequent trips to the bathroom to poop for like 5 days straight even the 6th day I was still sick, my symptoms were nausea, hot flashes and the bowel movements. I took a test the first day I had it and got a bfn.. That was day 4 that af had not shown. Ever since Saturday I haven't had many symptoms until now, my breasts are sore and nipples but only hurt when I touch them and I've been kinda woozy.. Plus I am ALWAYS hungry. But.... Like I said I am 10 days late and waiting for AF or waiting to test. I just don't wanna see that ugly negative. What should I do? Wait? Or test today? What if I get a negative am I out for this month?