Nursery Location

So we are moving over the weekend (and currently pregnant with baby #1). In our new house, when you walk in the front door there are 2 bedrooms on the right. The first bedroom (Bed 1) is what I assumed would be the master bedroom. It has a large window facing the front of house / road etc and is closest to the front door. The bedroom next to it (bed #2) is a bigger room and has a slightly smaller window to the side of the house. I assumed I would make this the nursery. 
HOWEVER my husband is keen for bed #2 to be our bedroom - he thinks it's better set out with more space for wardrobes, well positioned power points etc. The nursery doesn't need to be so big and he thinks Bed #1 is fine for a nursery. But this makes me feel uncomfortable - i don't like the idea of baby being at the very front of the house - I feel like there is a crazy chance of a car coming through the front of the house, or if someone breaks in then we are no longer between them and baby. Or maybe it will just be noisier. 
This is our first child. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or crazy or what but I would really appreciate your thoughts on where the nursery in your house should be...