I'm making progress!

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary. I have a BA in Psychology. Been dealing with PCOS for 22 years. I work at Sander’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop and trying to get my head around this COVID craziness!
I'm afraid to check my progress weight wise obviously, but over the past few months I've lost inches and I mean a lot! 
A year ago I looked like this: 
In July I looked like this: 
And now as of November I look like this: 
I'm so proud of the progress I've made. I can't wait to see how skinny I'm going to get by March. If I got to a size 8/10 dress size then that would be the size I was in middle school! That would be so great for me and make me very happy! Plus I could shop at places like Holister and actually find stuff that fits.  
I'd love to hear your stories about how you've come to your weight goal!