Feel i have nowhere to turn


I have no idea how to explain this so I'm sorry I'll be blunt and brief,

Last year at the age of 19 I found out I had HPV in the form of precancerous cells in my cervix(level 2) I had it removed via colonosocpy (or however it is spelt) the symptoms I had was discharge, since then the discharge has gone although now I keep getting bleeding after intercourse and am uncertain whether to be weary or not

I dislike going to my GP as when I told him I had HPV after getting my test results he said 'well warts are common for girls your age' I felt disrespected that he thought I would tell him I had cancerous cells and mean something completely different, so now I am embarrassed to bring it up again

Any advice would be beautiful, should I wait longer the bleedings only been happening 2 months...

Thank you