Ticked Off and Need to Vent

Kellie • My husband and I have had a brilliant 10 years together, and we are expecting baby #1 in June!
I just went to get my Tdap vaccine. I've been pretty nervous about it for the last week, because I hate getting shots in my arm. My husband came with me, fortunately enough, and our appointment was at four. 30 minutes after we get there the nurse finally comes and gets us, and takes us back to a room. 15 minutes later he comes back with the vaccine, and proceeds to give me the shot. Well, only a portion of the vaccine actually goes into my body whereas the majority of the vaccine spills out onto the table. About 20 minutes later the doctor finally comes in and explains that we shouldn't get another dosage today we should wait a month when I will only be two weeks away from my little mans due date. Now, the point of getting a vaccine while you're pregnant is so that your child will build up antibodies. The TD AP vaccine takes one month to two weeks for your body to build up antibodies. So by the time the baby gets here he will have had not enough time to build up antibodies to this vaccine. I am extremely angry not it anywhere in particular just frustrated I needed to vent thank you