My neighbor (RANT)

My neighbor purposefully scared our puppy, who was napping next to me on our porch and nowhere near her door, then tried to get animal control to take him away by saying he is a vicious pitbull. He is not a pitbull and only barked and growled while getting closer to me because she slammed her door on purpose to scare him. He is only 4 months old and I brought him out to do his business then relax a little in the shade with the nice breeze we having going. I had to explain to animal control everything and the officer pet him and even gave him a treat after realising that he is not a Pitt when he pulled up. I am so glad that I still have him and he wasn't taken away to be put down. I know she was the one who called but they said they got an anonymous tip of an aggressive red pitbull on the loose. I know it's the owner not the dog that makes any animal act aggressively but not everybody understands that. Especially where we live which has a breed ban on certain dogs.