Chipotle rant

Okay before I start please know I am aware of the recent ecoli outbreak, and did not eat there for a month because of it. I have started eating it again and I am very disappointed :( chipotle was always my go to pregnancy food. It's just so darn yummy!! I've tried qdoba and Am not a fan. Their meat is icky tasting to me. Well I got chipotle a couple weeks ago and the meat tasted different! The whole reason I preferred chipotle was for the meat, and now it's so gross! I tried it again last week, and the lettuce was different.. I am a huge salad eater, so am very picky when it comes to my lettuce. Chipotle used to use a better quality romaine type lettuce, but now they use a nasty Taco Bell tasting iceberg type lettuce. Wtf!! So sad 😕 no more chipotle for me. I assume I won't be getting any responses on this post, but I just needed to rant for a second.