Trouble ttc? Check ur lube!

Tara • 02.22.16 ZJLA Baby #2 is on his way!!!!
So. For all us newbies. Just doing some research this morning and found that KY jelly is not recommend if ttc. I had no idea.
 I was looking for the package to say "spermicide" which it didn't, so I thought I was safe.   From what I found: "Artificial lubricants prevent the sperm from reaching the cervical mucus quickly, so they die in the acidic environment of the vagina before getting inside the uterus."
I've BD on my most fertile days according to opk, bbt, & glows chart. Still haven't received my bfp, but I'm now thinking that this lube played a part in it. 
The only lube it's reccommending is PreSeed. Anyone have success with this?