Feeling really sad.. And clueless.

I'm a very emotional person, I overthink a lot and I can't help it. So I've been with my guy 2 years. He's a great guy but he doesn't show his feelings too tough, and sometimes he says things to me that are just hurtful but he's just a very honest person. So the other night we were together and later he texted me "I think we shouldn't talk" then "I think we are getting too close" I was speechless because that hurt me bad... Then I texted saying, you're the one scared BC he is scared of getting hurt.. He then texted saying "can u ever take a joke" but I mean, he knows I'm very emotional and I'm scared to be hurt, I've always been hurt. So I tried to get over that. Yesterday I didn't hear from him all day.. I texted saying "are you still breathing" so he kept sending "???????" messages then "imu???????" I said how can u miss me just the other day U said we were getting too close ... So he then texted "can I ever just say I miss you or anything without you being mad" so then I said you shouldn't of said it... So now he sends this "?" every time I text him anything... He won't reply or if he does its that face... And it's bothering me so bad... Like why won't he say shit to me!!!!!???