Feel hurt

Samantha • BFP after 42 months of TTC!
So my husband and I have been married for 3 years. Each year for holidays and birthdays it's a struggle to buy for him. When he wants something he just buys it so it's hard to find something he will like. Well for Christmas this last year I bought him a new GPS. He returned it to the store. Just a couple weeks ago was his birthday and I bought him some flip flops and shades. The shoes were too small so he was supposed to exchange them for a bigger size. He didn't want them once we got to the store. He got his money back and went to another store for shoes. It just hurts my feelings that I put in the time and money and he doesn't appreciate it. If he buys me jewelry and I don't wear it at least once a week he brings it up and makes a big deal out of it. I talked to him about it and asked how he would feel if I returned the stuff he bought and he just told me that it wasn't like that. Do I not buy him anything? I mean he doesn't show appreciation anyway. I'm sure it's the pregnancy hormones making me sad about it but jeez!