Ive only been with my boyfriend for a few months but our connection is unbelievable. We have almost everything in common from being left handed to same tastes in everything to having the same future daughter name. A major thing we don't have in common is ambition . He has NONE . He lost his job over a month ago and has not been looking for another one at all . I've been doing it for him . I don't have a problem with him being jobless I have a problem with him being comfortable with it . All he does is stay home and play video games . He's bringing himself down n it is affecting our relationship n he doesn't  see it . He's angry most of the time , barely talks to me and is very distant . I let him know I understand what he's going through n that I'm here for him but all he does is push me away . I had no problem staying by his side but it's getting worse . He's more irritable . Anytime I try to talk to him about my feelings he becomes dismissive and will hang up on me n ignore me for the whole day . I won't make it seem like I'm perfect . I have personal issues that I'm dealing with . I have daddy issues , insecurities , and trust issues . I admitted that to him n let him know that's what I have to offer him but I'm working on it. He said he understands n decided to stay . But every time I tell him
How I feel he blames it on my issues n doesn't take responsibility . I'm tired of repeating myself . When we talk he's distant . He doesn't ask how I am or how my day was and never compliments me . I don't know what to do part of me feels if I stay until he gets a job n gets back to normal that he'll realize I've been there n start to treat me better. The other part feels it's way too soon in the relationship to be feeling this way n that I should leave before I get hurt . I'm so lost . I just want the guy I met back