Was worth doing ovulation test

I'm sort of a beginner here and in the whole TTC. I have a first child, the first month we weren't careful I was pregnant. 
Now it's more complicated it seems. I'm 40. And my last fertility tests were pretty bad, partly because I'm still breastfeeding (says the doc) ( no idea how true that is)
Anyway. I've been logging in more or less just the period days. And sometimes BBT. And Bding on the green days for 3 months without success. 
So this cycle I decided to do everything. Daily bbt. Daily obt etc 
The clear blue digital dual, the one that tests estradiol and LH, was positive this morning although my period ended yesterday. 
I have a normal 26 day cycle. Pretty regular on that. But didn't know I was ovulating that early. 
Well, maybe I won't actually ovulate. I'll have to wait for the LH to come to confirm that. Which is my biggest worry actually. That I don't ovulate much anymore...:/
But. The point of this post is. If other beginners are hesitant to do those OBT, for the 2€/day or something else, don't hesitate.  You never know.