Follow up to my weird "symptoms"

Last week I was having cramping and some nipple symptoms and I think these pains were ovulation pains! In Friday (the 14th) I had some intense cramping! Prior to my mmc, I knew ovulation was coming bc my nipples would tingle or burn and I'd feel a pinch on one side. Also i would sometimes get rectum pressure (I know weird). Well Friday the cramping was intense and came in waves and only lasted about 5 minutes at a time or so (I really thought AF was coming). I'd say I had it for about 2 or 3 hours total. And I had intense rectum pressure. So I was like...ovulation?!?! So we bd'd that night just I'm case. Well since then I haven't really had any symptoms except yesterday my boobs started hurt and were veryyyy sore underneath and in my armpits. Today..they are slightly sore underneath but not as bad. So...what do you think?? Could that have been my ovulation? That was the first time I had that happen and that would explain why my nipples were tingly and burning last week and leading up to last week lol. Ugh this not knowing what my body is doing is very hard
For my type A personality lol.