can my dog be in labor?

Maryna • Single mommy 🌈 rainbow baby amilia 11/20/16 ❤️ with another due 06/29/18 🤰❤️

so I haven't seen any really active groups for pets on here and i was just wondering if my dog could be in labor. I'm pregnant as well and I'm on day 73 and i know I dog pregnancy is 65 days or so and she's getting pretty close to being due.

so her syptoms are




•and gaging

I know I'm supposed to check her temp to see if it's below 100°f but I don't have a themometer for her

also I've been laying down with her and I've seen her stomach tightening (I also felt the puppies move)

any thoughts if she's going into labor?

I want to know so I can get her house filled with what ever she needs (blankets and ect)

I may be posting this in the "wrong room" but I honestly don't care I would like as many people to see this post.

thank you so much in advance!