Mixed Emotions

Desirae • TTC #1
So as you lovely ladies all know I'm out lol but, part of me is relieved. My weight has (in my personal opinion) gotten out of control lately. When I met my husband(granted I was only 16) I weighed only 100 lbs.. My weight has gone up and down.. When we married I was 135... I am currently (embarrassed to admit) 165. I found myself every month hopeful I would be pregnant.. But also terrified to go to any doctors appts with DH fearing he would see my actual weight. Granted I will admit I carry it well.. I have a small waist and it tends to go to my hips and thighs (which DH loves lol) so I will say I am excited I'm not pregnant and can now focus on losing the weight! I want people to KNOW I'm pregnant when it happens.. Not have that "is she fat or pregnant" question in their minds!! As always thanks for listening cool crowd!! ❤️ya!!