A question for all the managers!

A new Ulta is about to open in a nearby city. The night before I applied for an Ulta position a city over, the option for the new location isn't even on the website yet. They have the banner above the doors showing the URL to apply, though. Should I put my resume on the door (in an envelope) with it directed to a hiring manager? Some of my management friends have said yes, because it shows determination and interest in it before positions are even ready...... However, my cousin claims its "tacky", and I need to "look for a real job" and "they're just going to throw it away if you do that". So now I don't know. What should I do? My problem with waiting for the online application to open with this location is I KNOW a ton of people are going to apply. Side note: my esthetician license is in limbo because I fell behind one month of a $80 tutition repayment and my school wants the remainding $3200 before they release my transcript to state board and let me take my exam for my license. I have until August to take the exam or else my education is null and void. I need this job ASAP, I don't care if it's not a "real" job, I just want to know your opinion on if I should jump on it and give my resume, or if I should wait it out?