FTM anger normal?

I take care of my son everyday and all day while my husband is at work. I get up when he wakes up (generally around 6:30am), change his diaper and feed him. When he naps, I work on my schooling, try to do laundry, dishes or pick the house up. I kind of blew up on my husband earlier and said it feels like I'm the only one that takes care of our son all day, everyday. In which case, he responded, "so you're saying I'm a bad dad. Thanks.." Ugh no. That's not what I'm saying.. I'm saying I'd appreciate a little more help after you get home.. He doesn't pick up after himself if he eats in the living room, puts his clothes in 3 different places and does things the exact opposite of how I like stuff done and we've been together going on 6 years so he knows how I like things done. Then it's like he's completely in the dark about everything and doesn't know how to help me out with our son. Am I wrong to be frustrated over this?!
He also has a daughter from a previous relationship and the mom tried to keep the daughter from him after they broke up (I've heard that from multiple people -- including her family). Long story short, he didn't get to be very involved in her life until she was 2 when he took the mom to court.