I have been together with my husband since august 2012

I have been together with my husband since august 2012. Since then, we had sex without any protections but didnt get pregnant. My period was irregular since we together. In july last year we started trying to conceive and used Glow for 6 cycles and I get pregnant. Honestly i didnt know i was pregnant until my mom told me that my boobs are so much bigger and tender, i tested and i was nearly 5w then. At week 7, i had brown discharge when wiped and doctor gave my medicines to take everyday, didnt go anywhere out of bed. And im now 13w, found out im having a girl. Cant wait to see her in October. I just wanna say thanks to Glow with all my grateful and love. I would definately give Glow 5/5 stars, and suggest to any of u who want to get pregnant. Being pregnant has changed everything in me and my life. I wanna share my baby girl's first 3D photo at 12w2d, she was measured and weighed as a baby at 13w.