Positive tests but need help!

Carla • 43 years old, 1 late loss + 4 Mc = 5 years of sadness. Miracle baby May 5, 2018 ❤️
I'm on day 7 of my period. It was quite light mostly spotting but I had 1 heavy day on day 3. Started taking ovulation tests yesterday which were heavy positives. Was still spotting (usually I have max 5 day period). I woke up this morning and took a prego test just to be sure bc my period was weird and long and i thought it was strange id be ovulating so early.It came up positive and then I did 2 more preg tests and they are both positive.
​I made an appt with my dr tomorrow but I want to know some input? Am I miscarrying? Has anybody had a period with a day of heavy bleeding and still been pregnant?   We are going crazy over here, ttc after a late mc for a year. Any thoughts are very appreciated!