PA school with 2 month old

Charlotte • Married 11/10/12 #1 due in June.
I'm wondering if anyone went through PA school or med school with an infant? I just got an interview at my first choice school and I'm so unbelievably shocked and excited. My problem? I'm 10 wks pregnant and the baby is due in June. Our program would start in late August. This is so hard for me because it has always been my dream to become a mother but also be a PA. I'd like to hear stories of other women who maybe had a similar experience and what you think about going into this intense program with a baby. My husband is so very supportive and he has a good job and great health insurance. I believe I will be able to get support from my family and friends as well. I still need to tell them I'm pregnant. I'm not looking for rude or negative comments please. This is a tough decision and I would like to be welcomed with supportive comments from women who don't need to be catty. Thank you!