First time anal! (TMI on description)

My hubby and I used to think that it's gross and so not our nature. Until one day he began by fingering me there little by little. The feeling was a bit uncomfortable but yet pleasant. At first I was taken back by his action and amused that he even did that. We always talked about how gross it sounds and that the area is a "oneway only" lol. After intercourse I didn't feel comfy talking about it so I just acted like nothing happened. The next day we went at it again. He did the same thing except this time more and more aggressively and I liked it more and more. This week we've had sex 4 times and this recent time he tried to put his penis up there. The only thing I didn't let him. I am too scared to but I totally want to be open to the idea like I am opened to everything else we've tried in the past. My big question is.. What can I do? What techniques should I try to make sure it's smooth enough to go for it? Any particular position? Lube? Help!!?? I am wanting to do it so bad but I heard it hurts. Please help bc I want to share this experience with my hubby for sure!