My relationship with my mom has tanked.

My mom and I have been close my whole life until a couple of years into college when I couldn't call her daily. We still got along and talked and she called me and missed me and stuff. She had recently stated a relationship with this guy and ever since then, I don't get phone calls from her and when I do, she's mad at me for not calling. When my sisteris on the phone with me I hear my mom rudely mutter "oh she answers when you call"- but that's cuz my sister calls me!! When I went back home and told my mom I am pregnant with my first baby she was surprised and hugged me but then said "how are you guys going to afford this?" (Really? We're happily married for a few years and we both have jobs- income shouldn't be the first question. "Are you excited or when are you due" should be) I just feel like I'm not important to her anymore and it hurts. Have any of you noticed a dwindle in a once strong familial relationship soon before or after discovering your pregnancy?