After all these years we got out bfp

Melissa • 28 married to my childhood sweetheart ttc one more after all the mcs and ectopic pregnancies. fx
Af was due to arrive on the 30th. Its the 1st. She never came. Af for me is never late and i mean never. Shed rather be early than late. I tested on the 30th bfn. Then on the 31st when i got home from work at night i tested. My neighbor gave me a pt she was a life saver. I tested while freaking out.Thinking  omg omg. Bfp!!!! 
​Im still in shock. After 3 years of trying and four miscarriages we finally did it. Hopefully we will deliver a healthy baby. Gonna go to the clinic tomorrow morning. Glow has helped. My support buddies being there for me when hubby wouldnt understand. Im ever so grateful.