Half black Half white identity?

Im 19 and have just recently started experiencing how crazy the real adult world is in regards to race. Of course I've always had slight identity issues since I was little, but are there any mixed people out there who have also struggled identifying and could offer feedback? When I talk to black people, I feel like they're forcing me to identify as black & im not sure why, but they often get offended when I proudly say "Im mixed".. Im not saying im not black. Most white people I talk to usually respect the fact that I am mulatto/biracial, and want to be called as such. My mom & dad both hate when people call my siblings and I just black. Its like one side wants me to just be black or else im "white washed" and the other side is okay with me identifying as I wish. I have always proudly said Im mixed. What happens when I bring my, by default, mixed child into the world? How can I raise them to embrace who they are when I myself cant even identify. I know this is a pretty controversial topic throughout social media. (Please no negativity)