Help! I'm new to clomid and I NEED answers!


First of all, hello everyone...I'm new to the group! So, my DH and I have been ttc for 16 mos and this is my first round of clomid (50 mg CD 5-9). I don't ovulate or have af on my own anymore, so I don't know what it is like to ovulate. I used the CB advanced digital OPKs on CD 13-20. I can only test first thing in the morning because I can't at work. On CD 13 I got a "low" result and 14-20 I got all "high" results. My first question is do any of you use these same tests and if so, do you get similar results? Secondly, do you think the test could have missed my peak?

Also, I had very different, weird cramping on CD 18/19. We dtd at night and right after I started to get pretty bad cramps from both ovaries (definitely not my uterus/cervix). The cramping lasted through most of the next you think they were O cramps? Also, I had watery CM up to day 19, then bam...I was bone dry...sorry tmi!

Thanks in advance...any answers/insight are greatly appreciated!